Noor Al Mal provides foreign financial brokerage services such as Forex, commodities, and energy markets  as well as local brokerage services in the local equity markets.


As a partner, you can utilize our program and have the ability to refer clients to Noor Al Mal regardless if you are an established business and looking for a liquidity provider to increase efficiency and maximize opportunities for both you and your clientele or if you operate online as a website and looking to be an affiliate. The clients that you refer can benefit from world-class execution and client service, while you benefit financially from our ability to retain clients.


Some of the highlights of the program include:


           Unlimited revenue potential

           Competitive trading conditions

           Full support provided by Noor Al Mal

           Simple start up

           No previous knowledge of Forex is necessary

           Marketing tools

           No hidden costs

           Completely brand-able

           Offer the latest products from Noor Al Mal

           Market risks absorbed by Noor Al Mal

           Customized MetaTrader 4 solutions


Depending on the setup you are looking to utilize, there will be requirements that you have to meet. Please start with filling the application form below and submit the appropriate documents according to your requirements. Once we review the application, we then will ask you to provide us with digital files that is necessary for us to complete the agreement.


Are you a Broker who is looking to expand business in online trading? Bring your customers and receive

NCM investment provides qualified & licensed companies seeking a direct entry into various multiple markets & numerous financial instruments a unique and customized Introducing Brokers program. We are experienced in supporting our wide base of Introducing Brokers with a distinctive combination of research, cutting-edge trading systems with a complete product offering to their customers. Our strong established expertise can assist our IBs in broadening their business scope and revenues streams. The level of trusted services that we provide to our affiliates is what sets NCM apart from the rest. 


1. Professional Trading Platform

A professional trading platform for IBs' customers A world-class trading system, NCM meta trader Real-time trading capabilities Live streaming market prices from which trades can be executed instantaneously An online back office to monitor positions, balances, profit & loss, and more Quick and efficient account opening process for customers.  

2. Attractive Tailor-Made Incentive Schemes

NCM offers IBs competitive, volume-based commissions and depending on the IB's situation, we can tailor the incentives to suit their requirements.  

3.Online Back-Office

NCM provides IBs with 24/5 hour real-time access to their earned commissions. IBs can also have direct access to view their customer accounts if this has previously been agreed with the customer. NCM remains selective when choosing its business partners. We require all of our IBs to comply with all local and international regulations, particularly those relating to money laundering.


NCM Investment offers a White Label Partnership for regulated financial institutions that are legally authorized to hold customer funds. Through the White Label Partnership, NCM platform will be fully branded under the white label partner own company’s image. With NCM diversified world-class suite of online products traded on live streaming prices and market information and research, you can expand your business and be one of the top providers by connecting your institution to any required market exchange or any financial institute/broker via FIX protocol & other customized APIs. 

You can also benefit from:

  • An advanced customer setup management tools 
  • Dedicated Back Office facilitation
  • Technical support
  • Research Tools
  • All systems and tools are available on both simulation and live versions of the platforms.


Our region is one of the fastest growing markets, with high potential investments & positive environment that allow pioneers to innovate helping institutions to expand beyond their traditional financial markets & instruments, propelling them to reach directly & easily new grounds.

This will assist institutions to expand their growth horizon through diversification of their portfolios. Noor investment will be the perfect partner, by providing all required needs for smooth sailing in the financial sector.

  • One of our main strength factors that our partners can benefit from is NCM’s Research Department that is equipped and armed with not only the financial expertise & academic background but also with the understanding of the Investment mentality and culture in the region.
  • We can provide our partners with financial Instruments & services needed to meet our clients’ unique needs and financial objectives using the best trading platform that technology provides. NCM’s team of seasoned financial professionals are committed to explaining and assisting with the highest level of knowledge and service. Institutional customers can take advantage of our competitive terms of trading to shape their hedging strategies, diversify their portfolio and penetrate new markets.

Payment Method