One of the main ways Noor Al Mal chose to support its’ clients is through education. At our academy, we offer our starting course through extensive material about the basics, then technical analysis, fundamental analysis and psychological factors when trading online. After the starting course, we move on to the advanced course which discusses strategies, money management, risk management in addition to other concepts related to actual and real trading. We always strive to exceed our client’s expectations, and we are always ready to serve their needs, answer any questions through the chat service on this website or via the known social media channels. You can also choose to contact us through contact us form.

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Course (Introduction to Forex World) - Amman 2019

Nov 3 2019

Samer Baddar the certified trainer of Noor Al Mal Company, presented weekly course for those interested in the field of Forex and Currency Exchange. The course talked about the advantages of trading and how to deal with the trading platform components such as: how to deal with the following; buying and selling deals, currency pairs in addition to the concept of margin and how to take profit and reduce the loss and this session was concluded with an introduction to technical analysis.

Forex and E-Trading Course - Irbid 2019

Oct 10 2019

The Certified Trainer Samer Baddar presented the second intensive course about the basics of Forex for those interested in the field Foreign Exchange Trading in Irbid branch.

Forex (From A to Z) Workshop - Amman 2019

Sep 18 2019

A workshop was held on the principles of electronic trading and the fundamentals of Forex in arrangement between the management of Noor Al Mal Company and official universities in Jordan to attend the workshop presented by the certified trainer Ahmad Azzam

*1st Beginners Course in Forex and E-Trading - Irbid branch 2019

Sep 9 2019

Noor Al-Mal Financial Brokerage and Foreign Exchange Company started its Irbid branch - its first intensive training course for those interested in the field of Forex and Forex trading, provided by the certified trainer Samer Baddar, where certificates of attendance were given

AAdvanced Course (Forex from A to Z) – Amman Branch 2019

Sep 1 2019

A training course was held by Noor Al-Mal Academy, presented by accredited trainers Ahmad Azzam and Samer Baddar, the course also discussed several topics such as Capital Management, The Psychology of the Trader, and Regression Channels.

Beginners Course (Forex from A to Z) – Amman 2019

Jul 6 2019

A training course was held by Noor Al Mal Academy, presented by the trainer Ahmad Azzam. The course also talked about the basics of Forex, and a brief on trading techniques for beginners.

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